‘KidZhope is my personal project that I started when I noticed a worrying lack of effective support and therapeutic work at early stages with vulnerable people. Providing early support to children and families strengthens their family relationships, educational attainment, mental health, and, above all, the quality of life.’

Nicholas Sparks, an American novelist, once said that “love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it”, and I could not agree more. I feel profound satisfaction and inspiration when I see the love people have for their children, which is no different from the love I feel for my own children.

The first step is always the hardest, but believe me when I say that if you decide to be brave enough to take the first step, I will be here to help you and your children throughout the whole process. Abandoning your comfort zone can be a daunting process, but everyone deserves a better life. Getting the right help is allowing you and your family to take one step closer to improving your circumstances.

My Services

My professional services are aimed to assist you and your family across a vast range of issues, so rest assured that whatever your concern, I am here to help you. I possess extensive experience in areas such as:
  • Child’s behaviour difficulties and/or inattention
  • Child’s excessive worry, fear, sadness, and low confidence or self-esteem
  • Child’s emotional health and wellbeing
  • Child’s difficulty socialising with peers
  • Childhood trauma and unresolved issues
  • Bullying
  • Anger management
  • Preventive work with teenagers

Here to help
  • Children at risk of exclusion
  • Impact on children of parental conflict
  • Parenting wellbeing and parenting stress on children
  • Improving parent-child relationship
  • Building on parenting strategies and co-parenting
  • Family breakdown
  • Parental separation support
  • Bereavement and life crisis

Taiored services for you
  • Child’s attachment difficulties
  • Immigration support
  • Domestic abuse support
  • Mediation support
  • Support for reducing parental conflict
  • Supervised contact support
  • Assessments required for court
  • Determining the need for further services

Over 20 years experience

Additionally, I provide a wide variety of expertise written and quality assured assessments for local authorities, government agencies, courts, independent organisations, legal professionals, and schools.

My assessment will enable you to present the most accurate and comprehensive evidence and recommendation for the needs of yourself, your children and other family members.

Assessments including:

  • Immigration assessments
  • Carer’s assessments
  • Viability assessments
  • Parenting assessments
  • Support assessments/letters

My assessments are cost effective and most affordable in the industry and compliant with all statutory requirements.

Timely completion of these assessments is usually within a week, six to twelve week timescales, depending on the assessment required.
Full details are discussed upon enquiry.

About me

I am Felia Zemmouri, an experienced independent Child Consultant registered with Social Work England (Registered Member: SW18784). A mother and a foster carer  who loves helping and empowering others, I have been fortunate enough to have an excellent career with 20+ years of experience supporting dozens of children and their families and inspiring them to get through all sorts of emerging problems.

I am a Belgian and British national who has been working closely with children and their families since 2004 which means I can genuinely understand what vulnerable people feel and think and assist with professional assessment, therapeutic work and mental health aid.

I believe that my vast personal experience is what has made me excel. Throughout my career, I have always followed a simple principle, “I aim to work with people rather than work for them.” People’s experiences are at the heart of everything I can accomplish together with them……..

Years Experience


Registered With

Social Work England

Highly Qualified

Independent Child Consultant


Social Care Institute For Excellence


Mental Health First Aider


Felia was able to help me think through a lot of thoughts that made me feel extremely stuck and hopeless at the time. It’s not a quick fix but with the will to put in mechanisms that Felia provided me with and the realisations that I was able to have through the therapeutic sessions, I am doing much better and am able to cope with my anxiety and OCD a lot better. I believe the whole experience was a process but one that I will continue with confidence. Felia was extremely understanding throughout and approached my issues in a way that made me feel heard as she understood the mechanics of my thought process. I will definitely contact KidZhope again in the future if I feel I need to reach out again.

The report was of an excellent standard. It was thorough, factual and informative, closing many gaps in knowledge within my case. It has been a complex piece of work and she turned this around in a timely manner.

Sufferer of Anxiety & Depression

I’m 11-year-old. I really liked the sessions with Felia as she always stood up for me and made my parents understand my worries, which reduced my anger and made the communication between me and my parents better and stronger. Felia has been like a good friend to me who understood my feelings and worries and helped me to deal with them better. I feel happier and my parents are more relaxed and understanding towards me. I will be missing our sessions very much because I was always looking forward to them. Thank you for everything.

11 Year Old

My divorce has had a big impact on my children. Thankfully with Felia’s help we have been able to balance our relationships and to avoid conflict in front of the children, to listen to their concerns and look at it through their eyes, to maintain predictable and reliable arrangements and provide strong and constant reassurance, making sure that my children felt secure and loved and putting them first and avoid parental alienation and emotional abuse. It has been a long emotional exhausting journey but well worth it.

Parent of 5 Year Old Twins

I’m 12 years old and struggled with suicidal thoughts. Whilst I was on the CAHMS waiting list, I have been supported by Felia. I was confused and ashamed, but Felia made me feel relaxed by creating a safety plan together, which helped me navigate through difficult thoughts and feelings and helped me cope with suicidal thoughts and to spot any triggers. I enjoyed the creative activities (self soothe/survival box). And using techniques for helping with anxious feelings or stress. Felia also supported my parents and school in understanding my worries and how to support me through it. I’m feeling much better and continue to use the coping tools and tricks I have learned to get rid of those negative thoughts.

12 Year Old

I came to Felia when I found myself with increasing anxiety, problems with sleeping and lack of appetite. I felt like my head was a muddle of negative thoughts and while this hadn’t been triggered by one event, I knew that it was being antagonised by workplace stress and conflict, as well as a lifelong lack of self-confidence. I immediately connected with Felia who listened patiently. I knew I wanted to understand why I think like this, but ultimately, I wanted to move forward with practical techniques to help me cope better. Felia helped me firstly understand my anxiety, she also made me realise that I wasn’t alone in the way I think. We recognised my triggers and my responses to situations, but also talked through some previous experiences which had shaped my mindset. We developed techniques to help me cope better, rebuilt my confidence and I can honestly say I have felt like a different person ever since. If like me, you are reading these reviews and recognise your own thoughts and feelings, go ahead, and start a course of sessions, I couldn’t recommend Felia more highly.

Sufferer of Anxiety & Low Self Confidence

I’m 13 years old and I found Felia really easy to talk to. I was nervous about starting the sessions, but she had a very relaxed approach and I felt comfortable quickly. Even if you find it hard to talk, I think these therapeutic sessions are worthwhile since it is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle which has got all messed up.

13 Year Old

I have been seeing Felia for one-to-one personal therapeutic sessions for over a year. At the time I started seeing her, I was emerging from a very unhappy and emotionally abusive 15-year marriage.
I soon came to realise, during the early weeks working with Felia that I had many layers of self-doubt and battered self-esteem which needed unravelling and healing. I felt that I had in some sense ‘lost’ my sense of self whilst in a toxic relationship. Through being a containing and reflective presence, Felia provided a facilitative space which enabled me to slowly leave behind the broken me and to rediscover an integrated sense of self.
I know I can go back if I feel I need to. I feel so much better. Life is good and I feel like me again. I feel positive, independent, completely empowered, my self-esteem and confidence are much improved. All my relationships are much better, and I am so proud of what has been achieved. I have the life I want and deserve. I couldn’t thank you enough.

Victim of Emotional Abuse

I took part in a few parenting sessions rather reluctantly at the behest of my wife. However, I must say that many of the insights and tips I learned from Felia have worked not only on the children but also with my work colleagues. Would strongly recommend to any busy parents who find managing the expectations of their children frustrating and difficult. It made me understand what our children are going through, how that will affect them and how we can positively help them navigate their way through their childhood/teens. Very positive with lovely humorous touches. I liked the fact it sought to give practical strategies

Father & Husband

At the beginning of the year, we were at the end of our tether as our son’s bullying at school had reached a crescendo and it seemed like everywhere we turned, no one wanted to help. He was steadily going downhill, and we were beside ourselves with worry and felt so helpless. We wanted our boy back. Then he began his sessions with Felia and steadily improved and I as his parent learnt so much about myself. He is now so much more confident, and we truly feel that we have our child back and can’t thank you enough! Parents and kids in this situation need a “pocket Felia” that they can call on whenever they need to. Thank you!

Parent of 10 Year Old

She’s become more open to talking about how she feels to me, more than usual. The support sessions have helped me observe my daughter without her knowing. She is much calmer and more relaxed. What I would say to other parents is that their children will love the experience of connecting to other children and not being alone in their worries.

Parent of 8 Year Old

The support sessions have enabled me to really look at myself and my inner strengths and weaknesses. So far the work has been very powerful which includes the mirror work and the inner child work.

Adult Who Seeked Support

Felia has been phenomenal in helping me with all the parenting advice. She is my go-to person every time I am stuck! I highly recommend her. She goes far and beyond to help.
I do lots less yelling, lose my temper less often. I am more patient and understanding of my children’s needs. I give them more of my time and attention and I think I listen better when they communicate with me. I’m much better at communicating my needs and expectations clearly but less inclined to do so frequently. I have all but given up reliance on rewards, bribes, threats, and punishments including time out. It just hasn’t been necessary for about the last month.
I feel joyful at having discovered a new way of communicating with my kids and my husband. It’s been confronting, illuminating, educational, thought provoking, cathartic and challenging, but all in a good way. I can already see positive changes in my relationships with my children and I look forward to continuing improvements.

Mother & Wife

Thank you for your kind assistance on our client case recently. You had provided us with an in-depth carer’s assessment to establish they are real compelling circumstances involved as a result of which the client must remain in the UK. Your report had a significant impact on the case with a positive outcome. And I’m pleased you are able to continue assisting us in similar reports for our clients.

Eden Solicitor

I can’t thank you enough for liaising with my ex-wife, in arranging supervised contact with my daughter. The contact sessions were very relaxed and child centered. I’ve also appreciated the supervision reports which has helped me with my case during court hearing. I now have joint custody thanks to all your help and encouragement.

Father of 6 Year Old

The report was of an excellent standard. It was thorough, factual and informative, closing many of the gaps in knowledge within my case. It has been a complex piece of work and she turned this around in a timely manner.


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I am based in Slough, Berkshire and currently operate in Slough and nearby areas within 20 miles.